When a member of this Fund retires from J.S.O. and wishes to retain membership in the Fund, then communication has to take place. You MUST tell those in the exit process that you wish to retain your $5.00 deduction for the Jacksonville Police Death Benefit Fund, Inc. Failure to make that communication results in the member being dropped from the Fund.

Board Meeting:

Date: WEDNESDAY 05/10/2017
Time: 10:00 A.M.
FOP Lodge Board Room
(Beach Blvd)


Jacksonville Police
Death Benefit Fund - Bylaws


Dear New Member:

Myself, the Board of Directors and the entire membership of the Jacksonville Police Death Benefit Fund, Inc. welcome you into our membership. Your decision to join is good on many levels. Benevolence, fraternalism and financial smartness make your decision really special. It is hard to realize now the benefit of about $10,000.00 being put into your loved one's hands at your death within (48) hours of that death. No delays with death certificates or long waiting periods are experienced.

You are cautioned. Pay attention to two items throughout your membership. One is to keep your address with us current. Secondly, keep your beneficiaries current. Two forms are provided for you on this site. If this is not convenient make contact via mail or phone. Also, look at your paycheck for code #425 which indicates your $5.00 payroll withdrawal is active for the Fund. Allow two pay periods to pass for that withdrawal to properly appear in your paycheck.

You may keep up with the Fund's financial state and members passing by visiting our website, by reviewing your annual statement or attending annual membership meeting held February each year.

Again, welcome. May your career with J.S.O. be successful as you serve the citizens residing in Jacksonville.


Mike Massey
Executive Treasurer
Jacksonville Police Death Benefit Fund, Inc.


The Jacksonville Police Death Benefit Fund, Inc. was first formed in 1924. It started with just police officers who voluntarily gave money to help fallen officer's families with immediate funeral expenses, learn more about our history here. The hallmark of the Fund is the established goal of placing funds into a family's hands within forty eight (48) hours upon receiving notice of a member's death. The member's benefit amount is determined by multiplying $5.00 times the total membership (every member contributes $5.00 from his/her account). An additional check is issued for the amount of money in the deceased member's individual account and that account closed. By law, these account funds cannot be distributed in any other fashion or for any other reason than just stated.

The Fund has legally become a tax exempt Florida Corporation. It has expanded it's membership to include all permanent employees of the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office who desire membership. Membership is accomplished by authorizing a five dollar ($5.00) bi-weekly deduction from your pay check to the Fund. The deduction continues into retirement.

The Fund has oversight by a duly elected Board of Directors who are elected biannually at a called annual business meeting. A certified account firm audits the Fund annually. The Fund's assets are invested in F.D.I.C. secured certificates of deposit, currently managed by Morgan Stanley. The Fund operates under the guidelines of an established Investment Policy that does not permit investments in risky ventures.

Total asset value as of 7/31/2016 is $1,728,271.65.

Active current membership is 2346 members.

The Jacksonville Police Death Benefit Fund is a fraternal and membership driven organization. The principles and ideals of the organization are of the highest order. You as a member are deeply appreciated each time you commit your $5.00 towards the funeral expenses of a fellow officer/employee who has passed on.

If you are a permanent employee of the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office, and not already a member, please consider joining. See the contact page on this website for more details about joining.

Serving Jacksonville Law Enforcement Community Since 1924

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